The development objective of AKANANI is the upliftment of the standard of
living of the deprived and disadvantaged rural communities of Limpopo Province
to a level where they will have access to adequate social and economic infrastructure.

AKANANI`s specific objectives
The specific objectives for AKANANI`s development programme:

 1. To develop a strong organisation through the recruitment of qualified and experienced staff, the     
development of available personnel resources and the development of an effective organization  structure, communication and administrative systems and procedures to reduce the time spent on internal meetings/operations by 50% and increase the time spent on direct services to the target group by 50%;

 2. To develop and implement people driven programmes in adult and basic education for women, men and youth in the rural areas in a sustainable way;

3.To assist the communities with technical services in the design and development of physical infrastructure necessary for the delivery of primary health care, education and other social services to these communities;

4.To provide training, technical and financial support and assisting with fundraising for income generating projects in order to achieve full utilization of available infrastructure and the economic development of the community;

5. To design and implement gender, race, ethnic, tribal, political and environmental awareness campaigns as an integral part of the education and training programme;

6.To participate in networks of relevant NGO`s, government and business organisations on a selective basis and only where such networking is in direct support of the AKANANI programmes and to spearhead the formation of a provincial NGO council to whom Akanani can hand over the NGO coordination responsibility;

7. To reeducate the current partners/projects of AKANANI on AKANANI`s role and approach in order to reverse the dependence of some of the projects on AKANANI and to terminate relationships with projects/initiatives that are not viable and sustainable.

8.To engage in investment ventures / projects in the public sectors and linked to the delivery of services to the target group as far as possible and raise at least 38% of the total funding required for the administration overhead expenditure of AKANANI